Did you know it?

Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire looks like a typical English country house  with four acres of beautiful gardens and its own lake, but then you notice several wooden huts asnd concrete costructions built around the house.

What happened in these buildings in this strange place?

During World War II, this was the legendary Station X where codebreakers and spies worked to defeat Hitler’ Germany and the Enigma Machine. All this has been chronicled in the film Enigma, starring Kate Winstler.
Bletchley Park was also the birthplace of the moderm world. It was here that Alan Turing and Tommy Flowers built Colossus, the world’s first “programmable, digital, electronic computing device”, or computer.

There’s plenty to do a Bletchley Park: you can begin with a tour of the Station X exhibits, then you can see the Colossus and Enigma Machine and learn about their role in code-breaking and military espionage during World War II.
The work here wasn’t all high tecnology: the Pigeons At War display explains the role homing pigeons played during the war. Visit the garage to see some 1930s cars, then on to the antique toy collection, and don’t miss the Churcill memorabilia exhibition.

Bletchley Park offers an interesting and fun day out, but it could also change someone’s life.
Legend has it that Alan Turing, the mathematical genius, buried several silver bars somewhere near Bletchley  and then forgot the location.
Turing never found his teasure. Can you?


(fonte opuscolo English actually)

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